Jun 13

Top Ten Pinterest Analytics

I’ve been trying to figure out how to optimize certain pinterest boards for myself and a few of my clients. Pinterest is the hot new platform. It’s been carrying a lot of buzz for a couple of years now, but i feel like it is now starting to stand on it’s own.

Pinterest users are mainly females. Membership is very loyal and heavy users spend more time on pinterest than any other platform. (Facebook, Twitter) Note: Pinterest is the third largest social networking site.

That doesn’t mean that guys don’t use pinterest. There are a lot of sports and men’s fashion related boards that get a lot of views.

A few problems with pinterest. Since it’s still a new platform, it’s hard to measure how effective certain campaigns are. It’s hard to gather analytics data from this website. Pinterest open up it’s own analytics page, but it only measures pins coming from your connected website. It would be better to have board specific or pin specific data, since most of the content and engagement is created via simple repins.

Anyway here are a few pinterest analytics tools you might find to be useful.

1. PinReach. Influence and analytics. Understand activity. Measure impact. Gauge success.

2. Pinterest web analytics. See what other people are pinning from your website.

3. Repinly. Find popular boards, pins, and users.

4. Pingraphy. Pinterest management tool for brands.

5. Pinalyzer. Analytics and optimization.

6. Curalate. Pinterest and instagram analytics and marketing.

7. Piqora(formerly Pinfluencer). The complete pinterest marketing suite.

8. Octopin. Pinterest marketing management tool.

9. Shopinterest. Analyze and create storefront on pinterest.

10. Pinpuff. Calculate your Pinfluence.

Jun 13

Before Sunrise Before Sunset Before Midnight

Gonna watch “Before Midnight” tomorrow. So naturally i downloaded “sunset” and “sunrise.” I’m like those “star wars” dorks but for romantic dramas. Does that make me fem? A little. Can’t really help it, it’s real to me. I’m interested in how romantic relationships start and fail.

So i started with “sunrise” and got bored. I remember when i first watched “before sunrise.” I flew back from Shanghai with a trunk load of dvds. Bought all these bootleg dvds because it was cheap. I think like a dollar per dvd. This was way back when, so it was a steal. Not like now with all the digital downloads. Anyway, i got home and i was in full on movie mode. I was living in los angeles with my brother. What year? early 200xish. Don’t remember exactly.

My bro and I just got done with Before Sunset( i’ll get back to this later) and it blew us away. What a great fuckin movie. I started reading up on Richard Linklater and rented before sunrise the next day.

Sunrise, I thought it was delightful. I liked sunset better, because it was more real, but i thought both were at par with each other.

Fast forward to now. I’m 35. 36 or 37 in voodoo Korean age. What a bunch of bullshit…the Korean age system. Anyway, I can’t sit through before sunrise. It’s too young. I’m too detached from the idealogy and tone of this movie. I don’t relate to that first inexperienced love story anymore. I’m too jaded and old. I’m broken. I’m married with child.

So i skipped sunrise and started sunset. Oh man. Still very good. Great. Started the film at 1am. Honestly didn’t think i was going to watch the whole thing from beginning to end. Thought i was gonna cheat and skip the boring parts. Nope, i watched it from beginning to the end credits. That’s the sign of a great film. Even tho you’ve seen it a hundred times, it’ll still grab you. Also, i think i can totally relate to jessie’s character. When i first saw sunset, i wasn’t married. I was still in my 20s. I could only connect with the character theoretically. Now, i’m him. I’m married and my life is missing that romantic longing. I have problems and i still reminisce about my past loves.

When i watch this film, i only think about one person. I miss her a great deal and i get occasional updates about her life now. Kinda sucks. I’m a digital dude, but i long for the days when there wasn’t facebook or twitter. Old letters and postage stamps. Great for romance. I hope she is well. I want her to be happy and healthy. But my selfish self wants her to miss and long for our time together. I want her to still love me. Cause i do her.

It’s probably not love. What happens to love after 10 years and a child. Wrinkles and family stress. Money issues and beer belly. Go thru all this with anyone, even Helen of Troy or Eve(note:God created this perfect female creature) and love will turn into something blah and boring. Uninspired.

I’m going thru something in my life right now. Don’t want to be prosaic but it’s true. Classic male midlife crisis. My body is breaking and my cells are dying. But I still feel like i’m 18. I still get excited when i meet an interesting person. Still hopeful and eager to fall in love again. Still think i have the world to myself. That i can master it and take it by the balls. Let’s hope i don’t get too cliche and spend all my cash on overpriced cars and young stupid chicks. I won’t, i don’t like cars and i don’t like stupid chicks. Although i don’t mind if they are young…just not stupid.

Man i’m babbling. So yeah, i’m gonna watch before midnight. I read a few reviews and i see that it’s has 97% on rottentomatos. Pretty freakin great! But, the trailer sucked ass. And I’m not sure about them getting together and starting a life together. I think it only works when they meet up every 9 years in a sexy romantic city. Warm climate.

Jun 13

Adult Romantic Dramas

I love “Adult Romantic Dramas.” ARD for short. When I was a kid, I enjoyed romantic comedies, but as i grow older, i realize how cheesy they really are. I still enjoy the good ones, the classics, but most of the bullshit that Hollywood churns out is pure garbage.

Don’t want to write too much so i’ll just list my top 10 off the top of my head…

1. Closer
2. Punch Drunk Love
3. Before Sunset
4. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
6. Pretty Woman
7. The Notebook
8. An Education
9. Silver Linings Playbook
10. Unfaithful
11. Match Point
12. Up in the Air
13. Blue Valentine
14. Lars and the Real Girl
15. Junebug
16. Pride and Prejudice
17. The Wings of the Dove
18. In the Mood for Love
19. Last Life in the Universe
20. Beautiful Girls
21. Three Colors: Red
22. Talk to Her

Did I say top 10? I meant Top 22.

Jun 13

18 month old baby tantrums

My son’s been having throwing major temper tantrums. He’s 18 months old.

I feel frustrated and scared. Feel like a bad parent. Feel like i should know more about parenting.

Two things.

He loves eating and he loves my laptop and iPad. I didn’t think i needed to change anything major, but now i’m convinced that i need to do something.

Been reading online for the last few hours about parenting techniques. God i love the world wide web. I feel comforted in knowing that there are millions of other parents out there just like me. Thanks Dr. Sears. Thanks baby gaga forum.

I know that this too shall pass. This is just the phase. He’s healthy and it’s perfectly normal for my deep thinking sensitive child to act this way.

I’m proud of you buddy and I will always love you.

Jun 13

Mobile killed the Blog?

Most hipsters don’t blog anymore. I remember when blogging was cool. Well, blogging was never cool, but it was a must have for tech dorks. But now, the dorks are using mobile apps. People don’t want to write lengthy blog posts. People want to open up an iPhone app and upload a photo. The masses want to pin and repin pretty pictures and inforgraphics.

Tumblr, instagram, pinterest, facebook. We still want to be heard. But we are the A.D.D. generation. We need things fast and quick and above all, easy. We don’t want to read wordpress books. We don’t want to mess around with code. No PHP and no CSS. No domains and no hosting.

But, blogs still exist. WordPress recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. All of the authority news sites are wordpress blogs. Techcrunch, gizmodo, huffington post, etc…

So, if you dream of becoming an authority on something. Anything. You should keep blogging via your self hosted blog.

Jun 13

Never forget the first love

Never forget your first love…

Jun 13

Top five TV shows of all time

1. Game of Thrones
2. The wire
3. Its always sunny in philly
4. Arrested development
5. Parenthood

Jun 13

Self branding

Ive been blogging since 2007. I believe that publishing your thoughts and ideas online is a great way to keep a journal. Most blogs dont get many hits. Even if you dont have a large following, its good to keep a record of your activities. We are living in the information age. Everything is a click or google search away. Branding yourself can help you get noticed. It can help people find you. This leads to new connections and new opportunities.

Jun 13

Rethinking the whole JOB thing

Early on this year, I read a two articles at TechCrunch. I was inspired and depressed by the end of the article. One was about quitting your job and the other about losing your job. Both great reads.

I think it’s natural for every generation to think that major changes happen during their lifetime. But seriously, this generation belongs in the record books. Number 1, the world wide web, the internet, and crowdwhatever you call it is the game changer. The immediate access to worldwide information changes everything. Manufacturing, communication, content creation, big data, live streaming, twitter, social networking, feeds, iphone, ipad, smart tv, smart phone, smart camera, cloud computing, cloud storage, wearable tech, 3d printing, mobile, portable, hdtv, wireless, ecommerce, bit coin, mp3, and the list goes on and on.

I’m positive that my son’s generation will be even crazier. But it all started with my generation. People are getting smart, faster. What does this all mean?

Throughout most of mankind’s history, technology was the limiting factor with progress. But now, it is people that limits progress. We can’t quick fast enough to adopt emerging technology. We get freaked out about privacy, security, and tradition.

And now I’ll speak my point. Most people consider their job to be one of the most important aspects of their lives. We might not all want to admit it, but this is true. We spend most of our time at work. At our job. Here’s the stinker, most peoples’ jobs will disappear in the next decade. Automated scripts can replace most of our meaningless office jobs. Having a computer and a well written script crunch big data numbers…this makes your job looks like caveman sketches.

You have to rethink job security. You have to rethink and redefine “work.”

I’m sure that corporations will still need people to have some sort of income. Can’t just sell stuff to the wealthy. This means that most people will still have shitty jobs. But we’ll see more losses to the middle income bracket. There won’t be a lot of upper middle class salary men and women.

We have to rethink the whole education system. I think that our current generation is already over educated. Why go into debt to get your mba? Jobs that will be available won’t cater to the highly educated. There won’t be any high paying jobs.

Also, money isn’t the only thing. Working a shit job is hard. It causes stress that leads to cancer and all sorts of mental illnesses. Not good. We should work on things that we really care about. Things that each of us have a passion for. Might as well because the money won’t be there.

I say take the leap and gamble with a new startup. If it blows up you’re golden. If not, at least you will enjoy the work that you do and you will be good at it. That’s what the whole job and work thing is supposed to be right?