Jan 14

Ranking the web’s sites

Here are 4 websites that rank the world wide web.

Alexa top 500

Quantast top 100

Technorati top 100

Moz top 500

Jan 14


I love macaroni. It’s easy to eat. You can eat it with a spoon, fork, or chopsticks. So versatile.
 I was eating it today and realized that it gets a bad rap. No respect for macaroni. You don’t see macaroni on on the menu of a fancy Italian restaurant. You see it’s snobby cousin penne. But no macaroni.
 Macaroni, and you automatically think cheese. Mac and cheese. It’s the ramen of pasta. It’s the great comedy film that gets no love from the Oscars.
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Jan 14

Dallas Buyers Club

I love watching movies. And on rare occasion, I happen to watch a really good one. Dallas Buyers Club is a great freaking film. Acting is super and the script solid.

I enjoy based on true story films. It has to be done well tho. I feel like I learn a bit about history. If the movie is good, I genuinely get interested in the topic. I’ll wikipedia the people or events. This is what I did with Dallas Buyers Club. Even after the movie was over, I was interested in how the story played out. And the backstory and landscape of that place and time.

I don’t really like doing reviews per se. I just like giving a thumbs up or down. A recommend. And Dallas Buyers Club a big time rec.

Jan 14

Ai WeiWei is a bad ass

Just got done watching “Ai WeiWei Never Sorry.”
 So brave and important. His fuck you attitude makes me appreciate his work that much more.
 Makes me want to voice my opinions about the world (art, politics, money, etc) via a creative outlet.
 Note to self: it’s never too late to chase my dream.
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Jan 14


What up ninjas! It’s 2014!
 Happy new year! 2013 was a good year more or less. I just wanna continue my good habits and learn to control the bad ones. (Chocolate. Midnight grubbin. Weeknight drinking. Smoking. Porn.)
 One thing I want to and will do is quit my job to start my own company. ( I’m a liar. I have a two year old son and my wife and I are planning for number 2. I prob won’t quit unless something dramatic happens. But I need security for at least another full year. Jesus if you are real…help me create the next snapchat in 2014-2015 so I can quit my shitty job!)
 Anywho. Good luck everyone and remember that life is short. We will all die soon. So live it up!
 Sean out!
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