Feb 14

Future of social analytics

Content is being uploaded to the web at lightning speed. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram deal with data that would crash the the worlds government servers. (Think Obama’s healthcare.gov)
 What’s going on with all of this social user generated data? Google and Facebook are making a lot of money with it. They use this data to deliver more accurate ads to users to make more money.
 The funny thing is that people still haven’t figured out what to do with this data. Tech giants don’t really have time to innovate because they are busy selling products and services to existing clients.
 This is where I come in with my new yet to be formed startup. I plan on building(already building) a social analytics company that provides useful data to big brand clients.
 I feel that existing social analytics services and platforms only do the obvious. They measure mentions, hashtags, and shares. But real consumer insight is hard to find. Also have to take into account the spam filters.
 I’m working on an algorithm that addresses this issue. Pretty excited about it actually. Got some google trends and google correlate mixed in with social voice of consumer (VOC).
 I’ll write more when I release the platform in Beta.
 – Posted via iPhone 5S

Feb 14

Jordan’s iconic Nike Wings poster

I was goofing around with my son Darcy the other day and he did a pose that resembled the famous Michael Jordan poster.

jordan-wingsOne of my favorite Michael Jordan posters.

darcy-wingsSo I had to take my iPhone out and capture it and photoshop him in…obviously.