May 14

Dating app Tinder and Plenty of Fish style

A long time ago…when i started my first blog in 2007, i read about this guy (Markus Frind) who started a free online dating site. He taught himself to code and he was on all of the noobie forums and he built up a mini empire. His idea was to build a free online dating service.

Site like eharmony.com and match.com was around but it was a paid service. Plenty of Fish‘s website was ugly and very amateurish. But the freeness of it made it super popular.

Today’s app driven age is all about free services. But you have to create a platform or service that distinguishes itself from the rest of the free apps available.

In the last year and a half, I learned a lot about how big brands play the social game. Big brands are willing to spend a lot of ad dollars into new platforms.

As long as you can come up with an interesting way to integrate ads with your platform or service, your product has potential.

I’m pondering if i should build my own dating app like Tinder or POF.