Feb 15

The thing about Burnout

BurnoutThe thing about burnout is that it doesn’t happen when your stress level is at its peak. Burnout doesn’t happen when you’re swiping your credit cards for cash advances to pay rent and pay your employees. It doesn’t happen when you’re calling out to Jesus to come down from heaven and rescue you from startup hell.


It happens after you get some money. It happens after a great pitch. It happens when you have to something to lose. And you have to do boring stuff…like work. It happens when you have time. Time to think about what a bad idea starting your startup was. I mean really!?!? What what you thinking? Now what?

Burnout comes when you have time to think about last month. Thinking bout how God awful that experience was. How you never ever want to go thru that again.

And Burnout happens often. You look at your cofounders and have the same conversation. Should we pivot? Should we do some agency work to make ends meet? Are we a good team? Do we really know how to do this?

Sean Out