Apr 16

RIP Prince

I woke up yesterday morning with the news that the artist formerly known as price has died. I felt really weird. The last time I saw him on TV he looked perfectly healthy. 57 years old and dead. He was a musical genius for sure. He was too young. So many hits. So creative and bold.

I remember watching this tiny half black half white dude just rock it on stage. He’s wear the funkiest outfits and just own it. I secretly wished I had that type of boldness. Not just the style, but the whole attitude.

Social media is changing the way we receive and digest news. I woke up and my whole social media feed was about Prince. And it was cool to get realtime updates about how people are mourning his death. The tributes and all the respect and love. It was great to see. I noticed nothing being mentioned in Korea. Most of my Korean friends don’t even know who prince is. I had an early meeting yesterday morning and I mentioned Prince. And nothing. Crickets…

I told my Korean associates that Prince was more influential than David Bowie. Nothing. Who’s David Bowie?
I told them that even Michael Jackson was jealous of Prince.
Unfortunately Prince was putoff by the internet after his napster experimentation. So It was difficult for me to find his music online to sample. But I played all his hits and no reaction. Let’s go crazy. Kiss. Party like it’s 1999. Little red corvette. Purple rain. When doves cry. Man so many awesome songs.

RIP Prince

Apr 16

48 hour fast

sean-fastI haven’t eaten anything for 24 hours. I lie. I ate 5 lemon drops and drank 3 cups of miso soup. And I drank a grip of tea. Calorie wise, I think i had around 160 calories today. I think I usually consume 3000 calories per day. Not too shabby.

My wife started her fast last week. She kept telling me how awesome it is. I usually don’t do diets. But I decided to listen to her. I feel myself getting older and I really am concerned about my health.

Health is everything. For me it is. Now that I’m a father. I think about things I never thought about. I don’t want to work hard to provide a good life for my kids, and suffer a stroke or something. I want to work hard now so that I can enjoy some sort of early retirement. When I say retirement, I don’t mean I will just play golf or some shit like that. I want I get to a point where I never have to worry about money.

Anyway, I’m doing ok with this fast. Wife recommended I do a 3 day fast, but I can only do 2.

Come money I have to drink with a client/partner. I started a company in Korea, can’t avoid drinking engagements.