48 hour fast

sean-fastI haven’t eaten anything for 24 hours. I lie. I ate 5 lemon drops and drank 3 cups of miso soup. And I drank a grip of tea. Calorie wise, I think i had around 160 calories today. I think I usually consume 3000 calories per day. Not too shabby.

My wife started her fast last week. She kept telling me how awesome it is. I usually don’t do diets. But I decided to listen to her. I feel myself getting older and I really am concerned about my health.

Health is everything. For me it is. Now that I’m a father. I think about things I never thought about. I don’t want to work hard to provide a good life for my kids, and suffer a stroke or something. I want to work hard now so that I can enjoy some sort of early retirement. When I say retirement, I don’t mean I will just play golf or some shit like that. I want I get to a point where I never have to worry about money.

Anyway, I’m doing ok with this fast. Wife recommended I do a 3 day fast, but I can only do 2.

Come money I have to drink with a client/partner. I started a company in Korea, can’t avoid drinking engagements.

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  1. I currently take some vitamins each day and wondered what you thought about whether or not I should have them on a fasting day?

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