Nov 14


ensight-moduleBeen working hard on Mashups‘ first product the last 6 months. I named it “ensight“, for event insight. I’m really excited about this product. Ensight is an offline analytics solution. The solution package has 3 parts.

1. The first part is a Bluetooh Low Energy beacon that communicates with receiver beacons and mobile phones.
2. The second part is a native mobile app is used for networking, viewing business cards, and digital brochures.
3. The third part is a cloud based analytics platform. This is where all the data is crunched and stored.

The goal of the ensight is make it possible for sponsors to measure ROI at these large corporate events.

Find out more info by visiting the ensight website.

Sean Lee out!

Jan 14

Ranking the web’s sites

Here are 4 websites that rank the world wide web.

Alexa top 500

Quantast top 100

Technorati top 100

Moz top 500

Dec 13

Emoji Analytics

Was going thru my Facebook feed and came across an interesting article about the emoji subculture. Even clicked over to a really cool emoji tracker that counts the number of emoji’s used on twitter in realtime.

I first ran across emoji’s when i upgraded from iPhone 2 to iPhone 3. I saw that one of the top paid apps was emoji something or other. The icon had a whole bunch of emoticons and thought nothing of it.

6 years later it’s big business. I’m thinking that emoji’s are used more often than photos. Think about it for a second.
This tiny little square smiley faces are contain a lot of info. Apply this to big brands and you have something big.

Big Brands pay hundreds of millions of dollars to better understand consumer habits. Facebook, twitter, and other major platforms make most of their money off of big brands. Emoji Analtyics can provide so much more than, likes, comments, or shares. It can tell you if a brand makes consumers smile. Or if the brand makes the consumer angry.

This is one of my startup ideas. If you are interested leave me a comment below.