Sep 15

Relaunching Seoulspace and Startuptree

Seoul-SpaceKorea still has a lot of changing to do until it can be recognized as a major tech hub. Starting to read some news on Korean unicorns and etc…but i’m still not seeing an environment where new startups can grow. I wanna change it somehow. Sounds crazy but yeah…why not me? I’ll do it.

A few years ago, I came across Seoulspace. It seemed exciting at the time to read about a startup accelerator here in Seoul. I think in the last year or two, a whole bunch of startup accelerators are popping up. I made my rounds when I first launched Mashups. It was terrible. It was for students. And they were only looking for companies that fast followed. Companies that copied an existing app. Anyway, I have the opportunity to relaunch Seoulspace and Startuptree.

I’m working with devs and my designer to create a unique and honest community for startups here in Seoul, South Korea.

To be continued…

Jul 14

How to share a bag of Oreos

giant-cereal-bowlIt’s no secret that Oreo understand digital marketing. They are masters at it. They hire the right agencies and they upload shareable real time content. The latest Vine like video they uploaded on Youtube is cute, but also on the gross side.

Take a bag of Oreos and remove the middle row. Pour milk to empty middle row. Share Oreos with friends at a party. No double dipping!

oreoDear Oreo,

Why stop there. Why not take a giant bowl of cereal and pour a few hundred gallons of milk in it. And share breakfast with the whole village?

Sean Tae Lee out!

Jul 14

Simple user experience

dumb-and-dumber-toFor me the key to finding success with your startup, app, or campaign is to make it as simple and effortless as possible. Sounds like common sense right? But so many devices, apps, platforms, digital campaigns, and etc.. don’t seem to understand this golden rule.

When I talk to people about this, I always bring up my parents. I bought both my mom and dad, iPads and iPhones. They love it but they probably only use 2% of it. They use it as a phone, do some email, light internet browsing, and kakaotalk(I had to install the app for them). They don’t download apps. They don’t use any of the sensors. They don’t use it. It’s like buying a porsche 911 to just take to the super market. It’s not just my parents. Most of my friends, relatives, and even past coworkers probably only use about 10-20%.

I’m not saying people are stupid. People are lazy. People don’t want to learn another new thing. They don’t want to hassle with it. Rightly so too. We buy these devices to make out lives easier, not to start studying a new language or way of doing.

So, you have to design a product/service/campaign with most of the population in mind. Simple. Intuitive. The mashups have to work for the user right at launch.

I’m big on engagement. If I have to click more than 2 times, you already lost me. I don’t want to dig and google instruction to use your product. I took the time to download the app. I want to open it up and be ready to go.

Don’t stuff features into it. Even if they are killer features. You’ll lose the majority of people who started to engage with your product. Just go with one thing. One screen. One click.

My grandmother and my 2 year old should be able to use it.

Sean Lee out.

Dec 13

Top 10 Daddy’s Little Girl Commercials of All Time

I love my son. He’s the best thing that happened to me. My son turned 2 last month. Extremely hard for the first year, but now I don’t know what I would do with my life without him. That’s why I want another clone. Wife and I are trying for our second. Hope it’s a girl tho. Always wanted a sister growing up. I remember watching a Kodak commercial when I was a little kid back in the day. Even as a child, I knew that the bond a daddy has with his daughter is something special.

Since I work in Advertising, I wanted to do a Top 10 List with one of my blog posts.

So here it goes…

My Top 10 Daddy’s Little Girl Commercials of All Time.

1. Google Chrome Dear Sophie

2. Extra Origami

3. Kodak Daddy’s Little Girl

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqopXHZgW6c

5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJBcbnSqGz8

6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWr3zF1WLmU

7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvyoisodnP8&feature=youtu.be

8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVTepzimpI0

9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTtrUZtRd5Y

10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBW5XQANmIE

I got lazy after #3. It’s 3am here in Seoul. I’m sleepy but I promised myself that I will post more often on my blog. My next Top 10 List will be better.

Sean out!

Jun 13

Top Ten Pinterest Analytics

I’ve been trying to figure out how to optimize certain pinterest boards for myself and a few of my clients. Pinterest is the hot new platform. It’s been carrying a lot of buzz for a couple of years now, but i feel like it is now starting to stand on it’s own.

Pinterest users are mainly females. Membership is very loyal and heavy users spend more time on pinterest than any other platform. (Facebook, Twitter) Note: Pinterest is the third largest social networking site.

That doesn’t mean that guys don’t use pinterest. There are a lot of sports and men’s fashion related boards that get a lot of views.

A few problems with pinterest. Since it’s still a new platform, it’s hard to measure how effective certain campaigns are. It’s hard to gather analytics data from this website. Pinterest open up it’s own analytics page, but it only measures pins coming from your connected website. It would be better to have board specific or pin specific data, since most of the content and engagement is created via simple repins.

Anyway here are a few pinterest analytics tools you might find to be useful.

1. PinReach. Influence and analytics. Understand activity. Measure impact. Gauge success.

2. Pinterest web analytics. See what other people are pinning from your website.

3. Repinly. Find popular boards, pins, and users.

4. Pingraphy. Pinterest management tool for brands.

5. Pinalyzer. Analytics and optimization.

6. Curalate. Pinterest and instagram analytics and marketing.

7. Piqora(formerly Pinfluencer). The complete pinterest marketing suite.

8. Octopin. Pinterest marketing management tool.

9. Shopinterest. Analyze and create storefront on pinterest.

10. Pinpuff. Calculate your Pinfluence.

Jun 13

Mobile killed the Blog?

Most hipsters don’t blog anymore. I remember when blogging was cool. Well, blogging was never cool, but it was a must have for tech dorks. But now, the dorks are using mobile apps. People don’t want to write lengthy blog posts. People want to open up an iPhone app and upload a photo. The masses want to pin and repin pretty pictures and inforgraphics.

Tumblr, instagram, pinterest, facebook. We still want to be heard. But we are the A.D.D. generation. We need things fast and quick and above all, easy. We don’t want to read wordpress books. We don’t want to mess around with code. No PHP and no CSS. No domains and no hosting.

But, blogs still exist. WordPress recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. All of the authority news sites are wordpress blogs. Techcrunch, gizmodo, huffington post, etc…

So, if you dream of becoming an authority on something. Anything. You should keep blogging via your self hosted blog.