Jul 14

The Dikembe Mutombo Game

Dikembe-Mutombo-GameDikembe Mutombo is a Congolese American former NBA player. When I was growing up I always thought he was a great defensive player. But since he was from Africa, he didn’t really fit in with the NBA’s Hiphop culture of my youth. He was never cool. As an adult, I now appreciate his talent on the court, and his work off the court. Now, I think he’s a rockstar! Super Cool! Dikembe’s full name is Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo.

With this humble blog post, I wanted to honor Dikembe Mutombo with his own game. Kind of like the Kevin Bacon game but different.

I thought up this game when I was in college. It’s kind of like a personality test. The idea is to come up with a 6 word name of yourself. So for me my full name would be, Sean Lee Cruise Murphy Jean-Claude Jobs.

Dikembe-Mutombo-Game1The first two words have to be your first and last name. 3rd and 4th name are last names of people you admired as a youth. In my case, it is Tom Cruise and Eddie Murphy. The 5th name can be any famous person’s name that starts with Jean-_____. I selected the great Jean-Claude Van Damme. And for the 6th and last name, you pick the last name of the person you currently admire most. Mine is Apple’s Stevie Jobs.

The trick to this game is to not spend a lot of time selecting names. Just go with names that instantly pop in your head.

So that’s the Dikembo Mutombo Game. Hope you like it. I’m thinking about making an iOS app for this game. If anyone wishes to join me on this venture, please leave me a comment below. Or just leave me your Dikembe Mutombo name below. Cheers!

Sean Lee Out!

Jul 14

How to share a bag of Oreos

giant-cereal-bowlIt’s no secret that Oreo understand digital marketing. They are masters at it. They hire the right agencies and they upload shareable real time content. The latest Vine like video they uploaded on Youtube is cute, but also on the gross side.

Take a bag of Oreos and remove the middle row. Pour milk to empty middle row. Share Oreos with friends at a party. No double dipping!

oreoDear Oreo,

Why stop there. Why not take a giant bowl of cereal and pour a few hundred gallons of milk in it. And share breakfast with the whole village?

Sean Tae Lee out!

Feb 14

Future of social analytics

Content is being uploaded to the web at lightning speed. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram deal with data that would crash the the worlds government servers. (Think Obama’s healthcare.gov)
 What’s going on with all of this social user generated data? Google and Facebook are making a lot of money with it. They use this data to deliver more accurate ads to users to make more money.
 The funny thing is that people still haven’t figured out what to do with this data. Tech giants don’t really have time to innovate because they are busy selling products and services to existing clients.
 This is where I come in with my new yet to be formed startup. I plan on building(already building) a social analytics company that provides useful data to big brand clients.
 I feel that existing social analytics services and platforms only do the obvious. They measure mentions, hashtags, and shares. But real consumer insight is hard to find. Also have to take into account the spam filters.
 I’m working on an algorithm that addresses this issue. Pretty excited about it actually. Got some google trends and google correlate mixed in with social voice of consumer (VOC).
 I’ll write more when I release the platform in Beta.
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Jan 14


I love macaroni. It’s easy to eat. You can eat it with a spoon, fork, or chopsticks. So versatile.
 I was eating it today and realized that it gets a bad rap. No respect for macaroni. You don’t see macaroni on on the menu of a fancy Italian restaurant. You see it’s snobby cousin penne. But no macaroni.
 Macaroni, and you automatically think cheese. Mac and cheese. It’s the ramen of pasta. It’s the great comedy film that gets no love from the Oscars.
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Dec 13

No tomorrow

High tech digital next generation uxd fiber optics nasa future. It doesn’t matter how complex and evolved us humans get. We will all die one day.
 This is fact.
 We have to enjoy and appreciate every moment like it is our last.
 No tomorrow.
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Jun 13

Never forget the first love

Never forget your first love…

Jun 13

Top five TV shows of all time

1. Game of Thrones
2. The wire
3. Its always sunny in philly
4. Arrested development
5. Parenthood

Jun 13

Self branding

Ive been blogging since 2007. I believe that publishing your thoughts and ideas online is a great way to keep a journal. Most blogs dont get many hits. Even if you dont have a large following, its good to keep a record of your activities. We are living in the information age. Everything is a click or google search away. Branding yourself can help you get noticed. It can help people find you. This leads to new connections and new opportunities.

Jun 13

Rethinking the whole JOB thing

Early on this year, I read a two articles at TechCrunch. I was inspired and depressed by the end of the article. One was about quitting your job and the other about losing your job. Both great reads.

I think it’s natural for every generation to think that major changes happen during their lifetime. But seriously, this generation belongs in the record books. Number 1, the world wide web, the internet, and crowdwhatever you call it is the game changer. The immediate access to worldwide information changes everything. Manufacturing, communication, content creation, big data, live streaming, twitter, social networking, feeds, iphone, ipad, smart tv, smart phone, smart camera, cloud computing, cloud storage, wearable tech, 3d printing, mobile, portable, hdtv, wireless, ecommerce, bit coin, mp3, and the list goes on and on.

I’m positive that my son’s generation will be even crazier. But it all started with my generation. People are getting smart, faster. What does this all mean?

Throughout most of mankind’s history, technology was the limiting factor with progress. But now, it is people that limits progress. We can’t quick fast enough to adopt emerging technology. We get freaked out about privacy, security, and tradition.

And now I’ll speak my point. Most people consider their job to be one of the most important aspects of their lives. We might not all want to admit it, but this is true. We spend most of our time at work. At our job. Here’s the stinker, most peoples’ jobs will disappear in the next decade. Automated scripts can replace most of our meaningless office jobs. Having a computer and a well written script crunch big data numbers…this makes your job looks like caveman sketches.

You have to rethink job security. You have to rethink and redefine “work.”

I’m sure that corporations will still need people to have some sort of income. Can’t just sell stuff to the wealthy. This means that most people will still have shitty jobs. But we’ll see more losses to the middle income bracket. There won’t be a lot of upper middle class salary men and women.

We have to rethink the whole education system. I think that our current generation is already over educated. Why go into debt to get your mba? Jobs that will be available won’t cater to the highly educated. There won’t be any high paying jobs.

Also, money isn’t the only thing. Working a shit job is hard. It causes stress that leads to cancer and all sorts of mental illnesses. Not good. We should work on things that we really care about. Things that each of us have a passion for. Might as well because the money won’t be there.

I say take the leap and gamble with a new startup. If it blows up you’re golden. If not, at least you will enjoy the work that you do and you will be good at it. That’s what the whole job and work thing is supposed to be right?

May 13

Sean Tae Lee Say Hello To The World!

Welcome to my blog! I’ll talk about digital marketing, social media, basketball, movies, kpop, and rant like crazy. Cause I do what I want.