Relaunching Seoulspace and Startuptree

Seoul-SpaceKorea still has a lot of changing to do until it can be recognized as a major tech hub. Starting to read some news on Korean unicorns and etc…but i’m still not seeing an environment where new startups can grow. I wanna change it somehow. Sounds crazy but yeah…why not me? I’ll do it.

A few years ago, I came across Seoulspace. It seemed exciting at the time to read about a startup accelerator here in Seoul. I think in the last year or two, a whole bunch of startup accelerators are popping up. I made my rounds when I first launched Mashups. It was terrible. It was for students. And they were only looking for companies that fast followed. Companies that copied an existing app. Anyway, I have the opportunity to relaunch Seoulspace and Startuptree.

I’m working with devs and my designer to create a unique and honest community for startups here in Seoul, South Korea.

To be continued…

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