Dec 13

Emoji Analytics

Was going thru my Facebook feed and came across an interesting article about the emoji subculture. Even clicked over to a really cool emoji tracker that counts the number of emoji’s used on twitter in realtime.

I first ran across emoji’s when i upgraded from iPhone 2 to iPhone 3. I saw that one of the top paid apps was emoji something or other. The icon had a whole bunch of emoticons and thought nothing of it.

6 years later it’s big business. I’m thinking that emoji’s are used more often than photos. Think about it for a second.
This tiny little square smiley faces are contain a lot of info. Apply this to big brands and you have something big.

Big Brands pay hundreds of millions of dollars to better understand consumer habits. Facebook, twitter, and other major platforms make most of their money off of big brands. Emoji Analtyics can provide so much more than, likes, comments, or shares. It can tell you if a brand makes consumers smile. Or if the brand makes the consumer angry.

This is one of my startup ideas. If you are interested leave me a comment below.

Jun 13

Top Ten Pinterest Analytics

I’ve been trying to figure out how to optimize certain pinterest boards for myself and a few of my clients. Pinterest is the hot new platform. It’s been carrying a lot of buzz for a couple of years now, but i feel like it is now starting to stand on it’s own.

Pinterest users are mainly females. Membership is very loyal and heavy users spend more time on pinterest than any other platform. (Facebook, Twitter) Note: Pinterest is the third largest social networking site.

That doesn’t mean that guys don’t use pinterest. There are a lot of sports and men’s fashion related boards that get a lot of views.

A few problems with pinterest. Since it’s still a new platform, it’s hard to measure how effective certain campaigns are. It’s hard to gather analytics data from this website. Pinterest open up it’s own analytics page, but it only measures pins coming from your connected website. It would be better to have board specific or pin specific data, since most of the content and engagement is created via simple repins.

Anyway here are a few pinterest analytics tools you might find to be useful.

1. PinReach. Influence and analytics. Understand activity. Measure impact. Gauge success.

2. Pinterest web analytics. See what other people are pinning from your website.

3. Repinly. Find popular boards, pins, and users.

4. Pingraphy. Pinterest management tool for brands.

5. Pinalyzer. Analytics and optimization.

6. Curalate. Pinterest and instagram analytics and marketing.

7. Piqora(formerly Pinfluencer). The complete pinterest marketing suite.

8. Octopin. Pinterest marketing management tool.

9. Shopinterest. Analyze and create storefront on pinterest.

10. Pinpuff. Calculate your Pinfluence.