Jun 13

Before Sunrise Before Sunset Before Midnight

Gonna watch “Before Midnight” tomorrow. So naturally i downloaded “sunset” and “sunrise.” I’m like those “star wars” dorks but for romantic dramas. Does that make me fem? A little. Can’t really help it, it’s real to me. I’m interested in how romantic relationships start and fail.

So i started with “sunrise” and got bored. I remember when i first watched “before sunrise.” I flew back from Shanghai with a trunk load of dvds. Bought all these bootleg dvds because it was cheap. I think like a dollar per dvd. This was way back when, so it was a steal. Not like now with all the digital downloads. Anyway, i got home and i was in full on movie mode. I was living in los angeles with my brother. What year? early 200xish. Don’t remember exactly.

My bro and I just got done with Before Sunset( i’ll get back to this later) and it blew us away. What a great fuckin movie. I started reading up on Richard Linklater and rented before sunrise the next day.

Sunrise, I thought it was delightful. I liked sunset better, because it was more real, but i thought both were at par with each other.

Fast forward to now. I’m 35. 36 or 37 in voodoo Korean age. What a bunch of bullshit…the Korean age system. Anyway, I can’t sit through before sunrise. It’s too young. I’m too detached from the idealogy and tone of this movie. I don’t relate to that first inexperienced love story anymore. I’m too jaded and old. I’m broken. I’m married with child.

So i skipped sunrise and started sunset. Oh man. Still very good. Great. Started the film at 1am. Honestly didn’t think i was going to watch the whole thing from beginning to end. Thought i was gonna cheat and skip the boring parts. Nope, i watched it from beginning to the end credits. That’s the sign of a great film. Even tho you’ve seen it a hundred times, it’ll still grab you. Also, i think i can totally relate to jessie’s character. When i first saw sunset, i wasn’t married. I was still in my 20s. I could only connect with the character theoretically. Now, i’m him. I’m married and my life is missing that romantic longing. I have problems and i still reminisce about my past loves.

When i watch this film, i only think about one person. I miss her a great deal and i get occasional updates about her life now. Kinda sucks. I’m a digital dude, but i long for the days when there wasn’t facebook or twitter. Old letters and postage stamps. Great for romance. I hope she is well. I want her to be happy and healthy. But my selfish self wants her to miss and long for our time together. I want her to still love me. Cause i do her.

It’s probably not love. What happens to love after 10 years and a child. Wrinkles and family stress. Money issues and beer belly. Go thru all this with anyone, even Helen of Troy or Eve(note:God created this perfect female creature) and love will turn into something blah and boring. Uninspired.

I’m going thru something in my life right now. Don’t want to be prosaic but it’s true. Classic male midlife crisis. My body is breaking and my cells are dying. But I still feel like i’m 18. I still get excited when i meet an interesting person. Still hopeful and eager to fall in love again. Still think i have the world to myself. That i can master it and take it by the balls. Let’s hope i don’t get too cliche and spend all my cash on overpriced cars and young stupid chicks. I won’t, i don’t like cars and i don’t like stupid chicks. Although i don’t mind if they are young…just not stupid.

Man i’m babbling. So yeah, i’m gonna watch before midnight. I read a few reviews and i see that it’s has 97% on rottentomatos. Pretty freakin great! But, the trailer sucked ass. And I’m not sure about them getting together and starting a life together. I think it only works when they meet up every 9 years in a sexy romantic city. Warm climate.