Jun 13

Mobile killed the Blog?

Most hipsters don’t blog anymore. I remember when blogging was cool. Well, blogging was never cool, but it was a must have for tech dorks. But now, the dorks are using mobile apps. People don’t want to write lengthy blog posts. People want to open up an iPhone app and upload a photo. The masses want to pin and repin pretty pictures and inforgraphics.

Tumblr, instagram, pinterest, facebook. We still want to be heard. But we are the A.D.D. generation. We need things fast and quick and above all, easy. We don’t want to read wordpress books. We don’t want to mess around with code. No PHP and no CSS. No domains and no hosting.

But, blogs still exist. WordPress recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. All of the authority news sites are wordpress blogs. Techcrunch, gizmodo, huffington post, etc…

So, if you dream of becoming an authority on something. Anything. You should keep blogging via your self hosted blog.