Jul 14

Potential of Sodastream and 3d printed foods

sodastreamEver since Markerbot came out with the 3d printer, I’ve looked at the potential of 3d printing and what it means for the near future. Currently the focus is on prototyping. And at best, these devices can only really make plastic figurines. I see it going the other way. I see the potential in the home food products industry.

sodastream2I recently bought a Sodastream. Have to say I love it! It’s fast and easy to use. Nothing techie about it. Just get some watch and press a button. I like where this is going.

Companies and brands are already doing it for the coffee industry. Even a few years ago, the idea of a good cub of coffee from a capsule was absurd. But now, it’s in peoples minds. Nespresso and Krups capsule coffee is easy to make and really affordable compared to a $5 starbucks. Taste pretty good too.

Just make it easy to use, and have a system in place for easy distribution. And the taste has to be around 80% of a store bought food or drink.

Dec 13

The future of jobs

I keep seeing hip hop artists and nba players talking about coding. What’s going on?

The world is changing. That’s what’s going on.

Old school standards for intelligence is changing. We no longer need to use our brain to process information.

We no longer need to memorize numbers or names. We have Google to take care of that for us.

The only thing skill that will be in need in the future will be the ability to communicate or interact with machines.

Google glass is just a side project at the moment, but it’s a game changer. Think about it. We will have access to Google all the time. I know some of you are saying that this is already the case with the iPhone. No it isn’t. We still need to take the phone out and punch in data to access info. Or to shoot a photo. With a Google glass type of device, it will be on all the time. Everything will be recorded. Every conversation will be accompanied by a never-ending feed of info.

You won’t have to remember anything. You won’t even need to do anything.

The way we search for info will also change. Goole will know what you want to ask before you even type or speak.

Scary shit but this is where we are headed.

Jobs? Our consumer based economy will keep our jobs safe for at least another few generations. But the good ones will be taken by people who know how to interact with machines. That’s where coding comes in.

Coding is like art. You’re creating something out of thin air. Complex games, full service platforms, online stores, are all created by some geek that understands a computer language.

The divide will happen here. Those who can’t create will have shit jobs. And those that have the power to create…the sky is the limit.