May 16


Just finished watching Anomalisa. Film by Charlie Kaufman. One of my favorite writers. My brother has been telling me to watch this movie for a long time now. He said It was something I would really like. But I had to find myself in the mood to watch it. I didn’t want to just be munching on snacks and not pay attention. And this type of movie will be heavy so I needed to be in the mood.

One thing that put me off about the film was the stop motion animation. I’m not really a fan of it. But wow, did it work with this film. It reminds me of Waking Life. I don’t like animation either, but I love Waking Life.

I was in a funky mood. Got in an argument with the wife. Had a very long and weekend with the kids. I feel tired and I feel unhealthy. I have work stress and just stress in general. Tired and stressed and fat. Getting older.

I downloaded Anomalisa cause I was looking for something that will help me think. Something that would help me feel less lonely. Funny thing about watching a sort of depressing movie, it makes you less depressed. Probably cause it lets you know that you are not alone in this world. Someone else feels similar things.

Anyway I highly recommend this movie.

Aug 14

K-pop Dreams documentary like Hoop Dreams.

kpop-dreams-snsdI currently live in Seoul, Korea. The K-pop explosion happened right before my eyes. I’m not a huge fan but I see the potential that this little country has as far as selling culture and becoming a world power as far as culture.

Unfortunately, K-pop is basically western pop. The Korean dramas are soap operas. The music scene is dominated by N-sync type boy and girl bands. And K-pop’s biggest star is Psy, a Korean rapper. (rap originated in the USA)

But, what if, it could go deeper. What if the audience becomes sophisticated faster. What if K-pop starts to innovate in the digital age.

hoop_dreams_documentaryAnyway, I read an interesting article a few days ago that I wanted to share. It’s a piece that follows the K-Pop Dreams of the members of the girl band Billion. As I was reading the story, I kept visualize scenes that were dark and seedy. One of my fav all time documentary films is Hoop Dreams. I become inspired to create. I was thinking about producing and or directing a K-pop documentary.

Sean Lee Out

Jul 14

Up Series documentary

up-seriesI first discovered the totally brill British documentary series UP about 10 years ago. I was browsing Blockbuster video trying to find something interesting to watch. Wasn’t really in the mood for a movie so I looked around the documentary section.

There it was, this black and white old school scientific looking box cover. I picked it up and was amazed that this type of real life social experiment was allowed. To follow a group of kids from age 7 every 7 years. Totally amazing. I’d hate to be a subject, but so interesting to see how different lives are lived at different stages of life.

Last night I downloaded and screened 56 UP. These characters are old now. They’ve matured and have less to hide about themselves. It was sad to see some of the hope and expectations settle into the ordinary. Hard to see the dreams crushed. But there was beauty and resolve. At age 56, most of the characters have accepted their place in the universe. They seem more at peace. Not really happy, but accepting.

I’m 36, going on 37. Like most people my age, i’m still searching. I’m not happy with everything I have in my life. I really need to change this view. I have so much to be thankful for, yet i’m still looking for something better. The dare to be great situation.

Anyway, if you haven’t see “UP” I highly recommend it.

Sean Lee out

Jan 14

Dallas Buyers Club

I love watching movies. And on rare occasion, I happen to watch a really good one. Dallas Buyers Club is a great freaking film. Acting is super and the script solid.

I enjoy based on true story films. It has to be done well tho. I feel like I learn a bit about history. If the movie is good, I genuinely get interested in the topic. I’ll wikipedia the people or events. This is what I did with Dallas Buyers Club. Even after the movie was over, I was interested in how the story played out. And the backstory and landscape of that place and time.

I don’t really like doing reviews per se. I just like giving a thumbs up or down. A recommend. And Dallas Buyers Club a big time rec.

Dec 13


When Linsanity happened, I just became a new dad. I remember watching the Knicks vs Nets game on my iPhone and just smiling. My son must have been just a few months old.

Jeremy Lin instantly became my second favorite player. I’m from LA so naturally Kobe will remain 1st. But during the Knicks vs Lakers game, I was secretly rooting for Lin.

I grew up a huge hoops fan. My dream was to play in the NBA. I always told my younger brother that I would buy him a sweet ride if I ever made it. I never told this dream to my parents, but I was going to get them a house.

Anyway, the documentary (Linsanity) wasn’t that great, but It was nice to relive those moments.

Watching it now, I feel something tho.

Shit happens in life. Good and bad. And when the moment strikes, go all in and it can quickly turn into something magical.

This applies to a poker hand or career path. When it’s time to go for the kill, give it everything.

We rarely ever get second chances in life, so might as well swing for the fences.

I’m kind of in a funk right now. Things are good. But I should be doing more. The rhythm is perfect. I got a great hand. I should double down and feel confident that I’ll win that hand.

Dec 13

Don Jon The Movie

I thought I was gonna like it. I love Scarlett Johansson. 7 point something IMDB. 81% Rottentomatoes.
 It was whatever.
 Thumbs down for Don Jon The Movie.
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Jun 13

Adult Romantic Dramas

I love “Adult Romantic Dramas.” ARD for short. When I was a kid, I enjoyed romantic comedies, but as i grow older, i realize how cheesy they really are. I still enjoy the good ones, the classics, but most of the bullshit that Hollywood churns out is pure garbage.

Don’t want to write too much so i’ll just list my top 10 off the top of my head…

1. Closer
2. Punch Drunk Love
3. Before Sunset
4. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
6. Pretty Woman
7. The Notebook
8. An Education
9. Silver Linings Playbook
10. Unfaithful
11. Match Point
12. Up in the Air
13. Blue Valentine
14. Lars and the Real Girl
15. Junebug
16. Pride and Prejudice
17. The Wings of the Dove
18. In the Mood for Love
19. Last Life in the Universe
20. Beautiful Girls
21. Three Colors: Red
22. Talk to Her

Did I say top 10? I meant Top 22.