Jan 14


What up ninjas! It’s 2014!
 Happy new year! 2013 was a good year more or less. I just wanna continue my good habits and learn to control the bad ones. (Chocolate. Midnight grubbin. Weeknight drinking. Smoking. Porn.)
 One thing I want to and will do is quit my job to start my own company. ( I’m a liar. I have a two year old son and my wife and I are planning for number 2. I prob won’t quit unless something dramatic happens. But I need security for at least another full year. Jesus if you are real…help me create the next snapchat in 2014-2015 so I can quit my shitty job!)
 Anywho. Good luck everyone and remember that life is short. We will all die soon. So live it up!
 Sean out!
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Jun 13

Rethinking the whole JOB thing

Early on this year, I read a two articles at TechCrunch. I was inspired and depressed by the end of the article. One was about quitting your job and the other about losing your job. Both great reads.

I think it’s natural for every generation to think that major changes happen during their lifetime. But seriously, this generation belongs in the record books. Number 1, the world wide web, the internet, and crowdwhatever you call it is the game changer. The immediate access to worldwide information changes everything. Manufacturing, communication, content creation, big data, live streaming, twitter, social networking, feeds, iphone, ipad, smart tv, smart phone, smart camera, cloud computing, cloud storage, wearable tech, 3d printing, mobile, portable, hdtv, wireless, ecommerce, bit coin, mp3, and the list goes on and on.

I’m positive that my son’s generation will be even crazier. But it all started with my generation. People are getting smart, faster. What does this all mean?

Throughout most of mankind’s history, technology was the limiting factor with progress. But now, it is people that limits progress. We can’t quick fast enough to adopt emerging technology. We get freaked out about privacy, security, and tradition.

And now I’ll speak my point. Most people consider their job to be one of the most important aspects of their lives. We might not all want to admit it, but this is true. We spend most of our time at work. At our job. Here’s the stinker, most peoples’ jobs will disappear in the next decade. Automated scripts can replace most of our meaningless office jobs. Having a computer and a well written script crunch big data numbers…this makes your job looks like caveman sketches.

You have to rethink job security. You have to rethink and redefine “work.”

I’m sure that corporations will still need people to have some sort of income. Can’t just sell stuff to the wealthy. This means that most people will still have shitty jobs. But we’ll see more losses to the middle income bracket. There won’t be a lot of upper middle class salary men and women.

We have to rethink the whole education system. I think that our current generation is already over educated. Why go into debt to get your mba? Jobs that will be available won’t cater to the highly educated. There won’t be any high paying jobs.

Also, money isn’t the only thing. Working a shit job is hard. It causes stress that leads to cancer and all sorts of mental illnesses. Not good. We should work on things that we really care about. Things that each of us have a passion for. Might as well because the money won’t be there.

I say take the leap and gamble with a new startup. If it blows up you’re golden. If not, at least you will enjoy the work that you do and you will be good at it. That’s what the whole job and work thing is supposed to be right?